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A brief note about cost: We offer a range of services, detailed below. Although our offerings cover a broad spectrum, each client receives an individual plan of care and as such, the cost of services depends on the services offered. Please contact us for more detailed rate information.


Initiated by the family or a professional associated with the client, this services determines a person's functioning capacity, mental status and level of independence. Initial recommendations will be based on this analysis.


Human Services Consultants, Inc. meets with the family and/or other concerned parties to create a plan designed for the individual needing the services. During approximately six hour-long sessions, focal points will be established which may include:

  • placement
  • long-term planning
  • benefits investigation
  • helping a family set and maintain boundaries
  • discussions around changing family roles

Staff is also available for intervention and coordination with outside individuals and agencies as well as supportive counselling with families.

Long-Term Planning

Family members and/or fiduciaries often request assistance when making decisions for an extended period of time. Therefore, after the previous steps have been completed, staff will develop a long-term plan for care, projected expenditures and possible benefit options. Information compiled throught the evaluation, consultation and financial planning phases is key in designing this plan.

Fiduciary Options

Protection of an individual, for a variety of reasons, can be a serious issue. In these instances, Human Services Consultants, Inc. is often asked to service as the power-of-attorney (POA), court-appointed guardian and/or conservator, either solely or in conjunction with other parties.

Power of Attorney allows the agency to act on behalf of the client in areas such as finance, placement, and/or medical decisions without court intervention. A guardianship expands the case management role to include making decisions for the individual regarding care, housing and medical treatment. A conservatorship places the agency in charge of a person's assets to plan for the immediate and future needs of the individual. Both guardianship and conservatorship require the probate court's involvement.

Case Management

Helping a person to live as safely as and independantly as possible, while being economically responsible, is far more complex than most people realize. Therefore, once decisions have been made about the course of action, the individual, family members, or the legal representative may request Human Services Consultants, Inc. to coordinate the delivery of serivces

These services may include:

  • medical treatment and follow-up
  • medical prescriptions
  • therapies
  • housing decisions
  • vocation
  • education
  • assessments
  • financial assistance
  • home health care
  • home-making
  • transportation
  • companionship
  • home maintenance
  • food delivery
  • veterinary services
  • emergency response systems

Financial Management

Assistance with finances varies from client to client. It can range from helping write checks and balancing checkbooks to protection of the individual's assets. If needed, Human Services Consultants, Inc. can serve as a trust officer.


When care decisions cannot be agreed to by all parties involved, Human Services Consultants, Inc. can mediate a dispute. Staff will investigate the situation and use theraputic and mediation skills to resolve the issue(s). Past experience has demonstrated that it may take a number of sessions to complete this process.

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